NewTek NDI Products & Workflows with Alex Udell

NDI November is now in full swing on this amazing webinar demoing NDI Remote and NDI Bridged (teased by Dr. Cross on his keynote speaker episode). 

Today, Gary is joined by Alex Udell from NewTek going over great NDI products and workflows to bring your live video productions to the next level easily!

Newtek & NDI

NewTek offers up an assortment of NDI products because they invented NDI Technology. NewTek has built the amazing TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI, an all NDI video production system revolutionizing live content.

You can check out our show on the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI here!

Alex brilliantly shows off just how much power NDI will bring to you live streaming capabilities and production quality! Here, he demonstrates how easy NDI 5 is to bring in remote guests and even have control over someone else's system remotely. 

 NDI Remote

Getting remote sources into live shows or video software applications has been difficult, non-intuitive and time consuming

  • With NDI Remote you can securely connect with any remote contributor to receive their video and audio over the internet. Bringing in remote guests and video feeds is as easy as sharing a link.
  • Easy access to video from any mobile device, anywhere straight into the thousands of video software applications that support NDI

NDI Remote has been built for remote production purposes and is a perfect solution for talkshows and news productions. 

 Here is a screencap of Alex bringing in a remote guest into his system via NDI Remote. 

NDI Bridge

As teased by Dr. Cross, NDI Bridge has unlocked all new possibilities for remote workflows and remote control. 

What is NDI Bridge? NDI Bridge is connecting video sources from multiple sites to enable truly global production has been almost impossible.

  • With NDI Bridge, you can simply and securely share all NDI network sources between remote sites, anywhere in the world.
  • NDI Bridge delivers local convenience on a global scale while supporting all the NDI capabilities including PTZ control, Tally, alpha channel, KVM, unlimited audio channels, meta-data, and much more.

Here is Alex taking control over a PTZ camera in a location 4 hours from his office using NDI Bridge.

This revolutionizes remote workflows and will help anyone in the realm of dealing with new productions (breaking news), and more. As Gary says, "The possibilities are endless!" All thanks to NDI Technology. 

NDI & Video Editing

Many NLE's have also jumped on board the NDI bandwagon like Final Cut and Adobe. This can greatly help workflows of people editing in one location, and now the director can be across the hall, or in a different town, or state, or even country! This provides near simultaneous views of the projects being edited with live interaction without the need to be in person.

This will also help the editor. Say goodbye to having a producer and director (or both) standing over your shoulder while you work. Now they don't need to be in the same room and still see the final edits as they happen. 

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