NewTek NDI Tutorial: Using Connect Pro for Automatic Playback Over IP

In a previous Tip entry, 2-Minute Tutorial: How to Set Up NewTek™ Connect Pro for Media Playback, we showed how to set up NewTek Connect Pro and add its outputs to a switcher’s inputs. NewTek Connect Pro can be a source for any NDI-enabled production switcher, but there are some additional advantages when you use the application with a TriCaster, and we’ll show you those here. In many ways, using NewTek Connect Pro is like having four more DDRs for a TriCaster.

We start in the quad monitor view, so all four of our enabled NDI sources are displayed in the NewTek Connect Pro UI. We have an AutoPlay function that can be used with the TriCaster, and we can engage that for each of the sources by clicking the AutoPlay button on the Playback controls for each of the four monitors....[continue to full tutorial on NewTek]

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