NewTek Set to Ship $7,995 TriCaster Mini

Studio Daily by Bryant Frazer

16-Channel Switcher Is Designed for Simplicity, Featuring HDMI I/O, Optional Attached Display

NewTek says it's close to shipping the TriCaster Mini, an HDMI-based multicamera 16-channel switcher supporting four simultaneous video sources over HDMI plus two more live inputs via Gigabit Ethernet, six output connections, and four standard M/E channels.

Update 10/22/14: An earlier version of this story indicated that the Mini had begun shipping. NewTek tells us that it's not out yet, but that it will ship by the end of October.

Designed as an "ultraportable" system that can turn novice users into producers of slick live video, the Mini emphasizes quick set-up for a single operator, with an optional video monitor placed on the side of the system. Its aimed at marketers, corporate staff, small business managers, educators, and church workers, NewTek said. Live streaming, publishing to social media, and uploading to the web are all supported.

"Our goal is to dispel the myth that it?s too technologically difficult or expensive to produce engaging multimedia content, and we?ve achieved that with TriCaster Mini," said NewTek President and CTO Andrew Cross in a prepared statement. read more...

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