NewTek Spark Plus & Spark Plus 4K Full NDI Converters

NewTek's Spark line of products uses an HDMI input and converts it to be NDI compatible. New Spark Plus models use full bandwidth NDI and almost no latency- unlike their Connect Spark predecessors.

NDI solutions have slowly been growing in popularity throughout the industry- largely due to the ease and convenience it provides. NDI is also easily incorporated into OBS, Wirecast, XSplt, vMix, ETC.

In addition to several interfaces utilizing NDI technology, several camera companies have begun taking advantage as well. For example, the new Panasonic CX350 will utilize ethernet for NDI connectivity.

The NewTek Spark Plus 4K is yet another addition to the NewTek Spark Plus family, utilizing NDI. The unit is expected in Q2, 2019, and will be available at $599 USD. In addition, the Spark Plus 1080p will be available for $499 USD.

These units also pair perfectly with the Atomos Ninja V and the upcoming AtomX NDI module.

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