NewTek & Teradek CEOs Talk NewTek NDI at NAB
The NAB Live Show streamed from the Teradek booth for 2016, and on Tuesday presented a panel on NewTek NDI and the effect it will have on production workflows. Participants on the panel were Nicol Verheem – CEO of Teradek, John Raidel – NFL’s Technical Operations Supervisor, Curtis Varju – Engineer at Webstream Sports, and NewTek’s CTO and President, Dr. Andrew Cross. NewTek’s Chief Relationship Officer, Philip Nelson, moderated. “…we’re talking about taking IP straight from the camera… right the way through the processing chain over IP, [so that the content] ultimately ends up going right from the camera to the viewer over IP…the last missing piece is the production side of video, and that’s what the buzz is around.” – Dr. Andrew Cross

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