NewTek Tricaster 1 Pro and PTZ 3 Camera Make Waves

RedShark News recently posted an article discussing the great features of the NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro and NewTek NDI|HX PTZ3 Camera. Let's go over more of the features from the NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro and NewTek NDI|HX PTZ3 PTZ Camera.

NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro

TriCaster 1 Pro is an incredibly powerful production system for the modern producer, publisher, and content creator. Perfect for productions with intense demands on quality and feature set.

The TriCaster 1 Pro is a production system with support for 4K UHD switching across 16 inputs, live streaming, recording, data-driven graphics, virtual sets, media publishing, Live Call Connect video conferencing integration, and more.

The TriCaster 1 Pro is a welcome addition for the storytellers that need robust remote calling but don’t require an extreme quantity of sources and destinations. Operators can send Alpha Channel through one of the MIX outs, bringing post capabilities closer to live, and also use the powerful chroma-keying on every TriCaster input to feed graphics or real-time 3D creation tools.

TriCaster 1 Pro offers Live Link. Live Link allows users to render web pages directly into the TriCaster and pull any web page elements into a production without the need for a 3rd party application. From graphics or images on a web page to videos from your organization’s internal training platforms - Live Link offers the ultimate in production agility and freedom. 


The NewTek NDI®|HX PTZ3 Camera is the very best and easiest way to acquire live video for input into any workflow - raising the bar for PTZ Cameras everywhere.

NDI|HX PTZ3 is the world’s first camera to offer NDI|HX3. Delivering better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth. Better than ever audio is now possible with the Professional XLR audio input available in the NDI|HX PTZ3 Camera. The NDI|HX PTZ3 can be added into a workflow with one ethernet cable for audio and video, PTZ control, tally and PoE for power.

Single cable connectivity means that it can be added into pretty much any workflow with a single ethernet cable for HD video up to 1080/60p, audio, PTZ presets and control, tally, and PoE+. Users can remotely control the camera from any device via NDI, even remotely through NDI Bridge. When combined with NDI Studio Monitor, users can operate the camera through commonly available control devices, even including gaming controllers, reducing the cost of entry into camera control systems.

The PTZ3 allows video professionals, information technology managers, and system designers to explore new ways to expand, grow, and evolve their video productions using the network, while simultaneously streaming integration and installation by incorporating power over Ethernet. 

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