NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite, 3Play and NDI drive National Motorcycle Racing

The 2022 Petron National Motorcycle Racing Championships in the Philippines streams live, including pre-produced video featurettes, host commentary, and replays—to social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. They turned GLPS Co. (Go Live Production Solutions), the Manila-based live technical services company to ensure all their broadcast goals were met.

Covering a fast-paced dynamic race can be costly. They wanted to be guaranteed quality and reliable vide production and streaming capabilities at an affordable cost. That's when GLPS Co. turned to NewTek for a solution. 

GLPS Co. used a TriCaster 2 Elite, the 3Play replay system and NDI networking for the event. The TriCaster 2 Elite was used as part of the two-truck Outside Broadcast (OB) workflow used at each venue. 

GLPS was hired by Precision Digital Broadcast Solution, which provided the broadcast camera systems, shooting, and replay work. GLPS oversees streaming, graphics overlays, and systems integration.

They had two trucks. One with cameras, mixers and more. The second with a TriCaster with a 2-stripe control surface


“We chose the NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite because it’s indeed the most reliable and complete production system available. Its built-in DDRs, buffers, and NDI® alpha keying capabilities have proven essential to this broadcast. The TriCaster’s Audio-Follows-Video (AFV) feature also lets us manage the audio while the host and panelists do their mic checks, and its inherent format conversion capabilities lessen the need for external format converters.”
Joemer Cahayon, Managing Director for GLPS

A crucial part of the workflow was NDI. NDI was used to transfer high-resolution video sources like lower-third graphics in real-time from a Resolume Arena Media Server and NewBlue Titler Broadcast into TriCaster’s NDI-ready alpha channel inputs for keying.

“The TriCaster’s PGM out [program output] met our low latency return video requirements, ensuring that live signals can move in real-time from the second truck to the first. While truck 1 sends PGM live event video to the streaming truck, truck 2’s TriCaster adds the pizazz, including AVPs [video package roll-ins], color commentary, lower screen graphics, and brand logos while streaming it live on Facebook and YouTube.”
Joemer Cahayon, Managing Director for GLPS

The TriCaster 2 Elite, NDI and the 3Play helped enhance the stream of the 2022 Petron National Motorcycle Racing Championships in an reliable and cost-effective way. 

Check out the full case study here!

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