NewTek TriCaster 40 version 2 Available now at

NewTek TriCaster 40 version 2 Available now at!

NewTek TriCaster™ 40 version 2 Upgrade Now Available
for just $995.00 at

Plus Save Almost 38% Off TriCaster 455 while supplies last!

Order Online at or Call us at 800-323-2325

NewTek TriCaster 40 version 2

From now until July 12, 2013, TriCaster 40 systems can be purchased for $4,995, with the option to upgrade to version 2 software for $995. Beginning July 12, all TriCaster 40 systems will include the version 2 software, at which time the new system price will increase to $5,995.

Order Tricaster 40 for under $5,000 today and upgrade the software later when your budget allows...

Or, Buy the Tricaster 40 with version 2 software upgrade in one click at for...

Version 2 of TriCaster 40 gives students, schools, corporate video departments, small organizations and communities, video bloggers, and independent producers unprecedented access to the same production capabilities used by major networks – including customizable animated transitions, network-style titles and graphics, improved file interoperability and much more.

TriCaster 40 version 2 Software: What’s New

With a broad range of new production capabilities, TriCaster 40 now enables video producers to create stunning HD television-style video broadcasts. Users can look forward to:

  • Creating more engaging content with network-style, highly designed visuals that deliver a polished, post-production look to live productions, in real time;
  • Creating and customizing transitions and effects, using the now included Animation Store Creator to produce full color full motion overlays, audio for both directions and even warped video mapped against any 3D surface for the highest-impact presentations possible;
  • Adding a dedicated title station inside the TriCaster, with the included LiveText application onboard for creating unique HD titles and graphics with hundreds of pre-loaded templates, displaying real-time data, and using vector-based drawing tools and extensive text options for designing custom graphics;
  • Enhancing the viewing experience with new video formats, recording options and session resolutions to reach more viewers on the platforms they watch;
  • Maximizing production efficiency and minimizing disruptions with new workflows for capturing to disk and exporting to external applications for the smoothest content creation; and,
  • Improving visual quality and consistency, correcting for variances in the video signal on every input, and tightly calibrating white, black and color levels for every source to broadcast-acceptable standards with preview scopes.
ATTN TriCaster 40 Owners: Upgrade to v2 Now

Learn more about the NewTek TriCaster 40 version 2 by following the new reviews and videos from everywhere on the web and posted on the Videoguys' Blog!

NewTek TriCaster 40 Bundle
with Control Surface


Get the complete NewTek TriCaster 40 system with this bundle including the TriCaster 40 Control Surface for fast, full access to hardware operation of all live-production functions – and still keep your small desktop footprint. Or augment your crew with an additional operator, and split the production tasks between console and user interface.

Buy the TriCaster 40 with Control Surface now
and upgrade to version 2 software for $995

NewTek TriCaster Educational Packages Available at
for all Accredited Educators and Institutions

NewTek Educational hardware purchases are only available to accredited educational institutions and
must be accompanied with qualifying educational institute documentation.
• In order to qualify for the educational discount, the institution MUST be an accredited institution. A signed purchase order is required when placing an order with for NewTek Educational Hardware.
• Educational hardware may not be upgraded to a commercial version.

Trcaster 40 Educational Bundles will be discontinued on July 12th when version 2 is released. Order now to maximize your school budgets!

NewTek TriCaster 40 Educational with LiveText and Curriculum

NewTek TriCaster 40 Educational

available through 7/12/13 only

The NewTek TriCaster 40 Educational costs the same price as a standard TriCaster 40 but includes LiveText - an external, Windows-based CG software plus a curriculum for educators to teach video production. The educational edition is available to all accredited educators and institutions.

Buy the TriCaster 40 Educational version now
and upgrade to version 2 software for $995

NewTek TriCaster 40 with Control Surface Bundle

NewTek TriCaster 40 with Control Surface Educational Bundle

available through 7/12/13 only

This complete bundle includes the NewTek Tricaster 40 Educational, with LiveText and Curriculum to teach video production plus the TriCaster 40 Control Surface at a 50% Off Educational Discount! The educational bundle is available to all accredited educators and institutions.

Buy the TriCaster 40 Educational version now
and upgrade to version 2 software for $995

NewTek TriCaster 455
Special! $9,995.00

Special promotion! NewTek TriCaster 455 is available without the Control Surface at a special low price of $9,995 now - while supplies last!

Video professionals, broadcasters, bloggers, and organizations looking to stream video online, produce live events, and expand production capabilities have found that the world of video production is evolving. With more viewers watching online than ever before—and appetites for quality programming on the rise—you need to stand out, and look outstanding, too.

TriCaster 455 is the affordable, integrated solution to produce your 4-camera, 14-channel, HD live show with maximum creative firepower—but with minimal proportions. And with an included precision hardware control surface you have a highly responsive console for hands-on navigation of the system UI, giving you another option for managing your live production. Designed for mobility and scaled for small spaces anywhere, TriCaster 455 provides rapid setup, complete live production capabilities, built-in multi-track ISO recording, and the world’s most powerful switcher effects system, for smaller shows to make a bigger impact from any location.

  • Explosive 3D visual effects, video playback, graphics, transitions, and virtual sets
  • Completely customizable visuals to elevate brand and company identity
  • Built-in live streaming at the push of a button
  • Access all sources and functions with the available hardware control surface
  • No massive cabling or complex components that require configuration
  • Deliver from a van, small studio, broadcast control room, backstage, blogger's workspace

NewTek TriCaster 455 Bundle
with Control Surface


Special promotion! NewTek TriCaster 455 with Control Surface Bundle at a special low price of $16,990 now - while supplies last!

Going mobile with your live events is even easier when you have options for managing your production. This complete bundle with the NewTek TriCaster 455 and control surface provides better tactile control at a much higher level. You’re in the driver’s seat with a responsive console at your fingertips for hands-on navigation of the system UI, and access to every source and function of your TriCaster. And the compact frame is a perfect fit for your mobile production or the tight spaces that often go hand in hand with smaller shows.

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