NewTek TriCaster and NDI are here to stay for worship video

Social gatherings are still limited due to the pandemic, especially in houses of worship. Live streaming has helped houses of worship all over the world share their message while maintaining social distancing. Bidwell Presbyterian Church in Chico California specifically has taken advantage of live streaming during the pandemic. 

Bidwell Presbyterian Church uses the NewTek TriCaster live production system and NDI  for the live streaming setup. Their video control room was across the street from the church. This ensured everyone was following social distancing requirements. NDI made this possible. 

“It’s been very convenient to where if we need to adjust cameras at the main campus, we don’t have to walk across the street or phone somebody to make those quick adjustments. We can do it all on the fly. Or if we do see a problem, we’re able to address it quickly.”
Miykael Goodwin, Director of Technology at Bidwell Presbyterian Church. 

It's not to late to create a live video workflow for your house of worship. Will Waters, Head of Global Management at NewTek says "By working with partners – including the proper manufacturer and integrator team – you can have your system set up in short order and at a price point that works for you and your worship team. Connection to the sound, lighting and projection systems can be integrated with success. Training, support, and long-term guidance are also available from these partners – ensuring you have the confidence to provide an energetic and impressive worship offering no matter what challenges the future holds."

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