NewTek TriCaster Mini Delivers for Small Business

brent_leary_463215In this user spotlight Newtek highlights how small businesses can use video to enhance their market reach, get new customers and enhance their relationships with them. Building a video production system around the NewTek TriCaster mini gives them the power, performance and flexiibility they need, at an affordable price. Using off the eshelf HD cameras to connect ot the Mini via HDMI substantially lowers their overall costs.

A Workflow That Delivers for Small Business

“The key to my business is building relationships with executives who share their expertise and who in turn use my analyst services,” Leary says. “If I can talk to them it’s one thing, but if I can create content that shows their knowledge that’s a great way for me to separate myself from others. That’s what people like me need to do – separate ourselves from the pack in a professional looking manner, with an exciting background, multiple camera angles, audience participation. It’s no longer okay to just put something up that was shot on a webcam.” A Workflow That Delivers To assemble a workflow he could use to create video content that would serve as a competitive differentiator, Leary asked people whose work he admired for suggestions. And he did a lot of research. As a result of his research, he invested in a workflow that meets seemingly incompatible needs. For starters, it’s affordable. It’s also easy to learn and use: Using an Apple MacBook Pro 15” 2015 model with dual graphics cards, 16GB RAM, and a 512GB solid-state drive and a 27” ASUS monitor, the system is rooted in a sense of familiarity that made learning it – even for Leary, who describes himself as a video novice – relatively easy. At the same time, his system enables him to create content that’s more visually compelling than most of what’s published today using three GoPro Hero 4 Silver cameras, an old Panasonic HMC150 camcorder, a Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera, a Digital Juice Miniburst 128/256 3-point lighting system, and a Behringer Xenyx q1202 USB mixing board. His system also travels well. For videos produced away from his home studio, Leary uses a GeChic portable monitor. Whenever post-production editing is required, he uses Adobe Premier and other software from Adobe Creative Cloud. To bring it all together, Leary selected the TriCaster Mini, a compact multimedia studio from NewTek. It was developed with an emphasis on ease of use and simplicity in order to give a single operator creative control over every aspect of the live show, including video and audio sources, virtual mix/effects channels, graphics, keys, digital and media players, multiviewer monitoring, virtual set capability and more. Leary is pleased with the workflow he’s assembled. “The people I asked about the products I bought gave me a thumbs up, so I bit the bullet earlier this year,” Leary says. “I’m not a video person. I don’t know much about video production. But the system I’m using makes it easy to get into it.” read more...

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