NewTek TriCaster Mini Makes Broadcast Fast & Compact

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NewTek TriCaster Mini is a complete and portable, compact multimedia studio able to transform an ordinary presentation into multimedia content resembling network-style TV in a short time. Aimed at marketers, corporate users, small businesses, community groups, educators, trainers, non-profit and worship service volunteers, and entertainers who are interested in producing an event can now use TriCaster Mini to assemble visually multimedia presentations and stream them live, publish to social media or upload to a website from the office, an event, or any location with an Internet connection.

The compact design, support for virtually any camera and comprehensive tools make TriCaster Mini easy to carry and straightforward to set up. Anyone familiar with computer software and has access to one or more cameras can use TriCaster Mini to capture and mix multiple live video camera angles with graphics, video clips, audio, titles and special effects. The device makes it possible to create a multimedia programme that looks professional without any other broadcast studio equipment or a professional crew. An integrated configurable video screen on the side of the system also serves as a monitor for displaying content selected by the user. read more...

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