NewTek TriCaster & NDI Save Sales Conference

Biotech's firm was one of many that was torn between hosting events virtually or cancelling them. But with the help of NDI and NewTek's TriCaster, TissueTech was able to hold their sales conference virtually. 

In the pre Covid world, their Sales Conference was held for 3 days and had multiple presentation sites where doctors, researchers, and medical technology designers give demonstrations. With this in mind, Scott Wellington, owner of Miami’s Mad Crazy Production took on the challenge to make the sales conference possible. 

"NewTek was really my only option. I knew we had remote presenters. I knew we had green screens. I knew it was three days. I knew we had to piggyback two separate sets, sometimes with the same feed, sometimes with two separate feeds. Using two TriCasters gave us the power of an entire production truck that would have cost a small fortune to rent for a 3-day event. Everything had to work right. Given how complex the set-up was for these meetings, TriCaster was the perfect choice.”
Scott Wellington, Miami's Mad Crazy Production

Wellington worked with Midtown Video to supply cameras, lights, and two TriCasters. With two day's of setting up, Wellington was confident for the 3-day event. 

Wellington says "In addition to his all-star crew, much of the credit for the 3-day presentation’s success can be credited to the NewTek tools he used to pull off the production, including NDI® and the two TriCasters"

Check out the case study here!

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