NewTek TriCaster on the Starting Line for the Medoc Marathon

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The unique sporting event was live with TriCaster for the first time!

The Medoc Marathon is not what we call a conventional marathon indeed, but still it is a real sporting event, a 42 km long run for those who will get to the finish line. For the second year in a row, the marathon's Web TV was there with all the systems needed to ensure the broadcasting of this unique event worldwide. This year, the Web TV of the Marathon was live, operated by the production company Bro'duction.

Bro'duction, a production company, based in Bordeaux in France, started to manage the Medoc Marathon Web TV in 1994. Over the years Bro'duction has worked for high profile clients, such as Quick Silver or Raid Adventures for sporting events, or Bordeaux Grand Opera for ballet productions, or for several European televisions.

Luc de Tienda had a 20-year experience as a photographer, before looking at video production and encountering NewTek products while looking for a DPS Velocity product 10 years ago. In charge of production for Bro'duction, Luc de Tienda was looking for a compact solution to ensure the live coverage of the marathon, and an eight hours long live show. He was also looking for a way not to feel like working in a closed environment, filled with equipments. TriCaster was the answer, as it features many functions in one system. It limits not only the number of equipment needed to ensure a live show, but also the number of workstations and staff: "The setup is incredibly easy for a new user of TriCaster", says Luc, "The number of staff needed in the production room is reduced, and communication is therefore enhanced and more efficient. With other systems it would have been impossible to produce this live show with the budget and the amount of systems that we actually used."

At the beginning, the production seemed impossible with 42 km to cover, communication with motorcycles, and such a small space to set up the production…"We were looking for a system that would mix all camera sources and ensure a high quality live stream without any hazards", declared Luc, "I don't think there are any other system that could do that". read more...

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