NewTek Tutorial: LivePanel

NewTek has announced their new premium access, one of the features included with it is NewTek LivePanel. LivePanel Provides the ability to configure a custom user interface that delivers exactly the tools and functions you need and is easily accessible through any Web browser or operating system. To find out more check out the article below.

From NewTek

One of the powerful workflow boosters for NewTek’s All-IP production systems, TriCaster® TC1, NewTek VMC1, and 3Play® 3P1, is the ability to control any aspect of live production from a simple, thoroughly customizable browser-based interface. LivePanel will work from laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones - anything that can run a browser, and is on the same local area network as the production systems. You can use it to put every aspect of live production capability into a single pair of hands free to roam at will and control from any location with wireless access to the same network, or into a squad of hands where a dedicated specialist runs each aspect of your show.

You get started with LivePanel by purchasing a license for TriCaster TC1 or 3Play 3P1, or downloading it free for NewTek VMC1, getting a serial number, and activating the product in the systems you intend to use it with. The video demonstrates the steps in the UI common to NewTek production more

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