NewTek Webinar with Will Waters for NDI November

On today's NDI November webinar host, Gary Bettan, is joined by NewTek's Will Waters. Will Waters is a product manager at NewTek, and joins us to talk about the evolution of NDI in NewTek Products.

We take a look at the timeline of NDI in the TriCaster TC1, to the TriCaster Mini, to NDI Converters like the Spark Plus, and NDI PTZ Cameras.

Check out the Webinar Below:

TriCaster TC1:

The TriCaster TC1 remains one of the most powerful production systems on the planet.  It also pathed the way for many systems to follow, as it was the first ever production system with native NDI.  This made it perfect to create NDI production workflows, similar to the one we use to produce these webinars. 

NDI Converters:

NDI Converters from NewTek started with the connect spark and allowed users to bring HDMI or SDI feeds into an NDI production as NDI sources.  This allowed for a great deal of flexibility.

The Current NDI Converters from NewTek Include:

PTZ Cameras:

NewTek also was the first company to create a Native NDI PTZ Camera.  It started with the NewTek PTZ1, which was a high definition 1080p 20x camera.  NewTek also has released the 4KUHD PTZ Camera, and the PTZ2.  

Learn more about NewTek HERE.


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