Next Version of Adobe Premiere Pro Adding Features Targeting Hollywood

Adobe is releasing a new version of their popular NLE software, Premiere Pro CC, this fall. The following article sheds some light on what's new. Take a look: From the Hollywood Reporter

...Now, Adobe is hoping to muscle in on these larger projects with some new collaboration and sharing tools for Premiere Pro, including a new bin-locking feature that allows users to lock bins (portions of) a project and give "read-only" access to others...

Roberts explained that while many editors found a suitable workflow from the current version of Premiere Pro in the Adobe Creative Cloud, larger motion picture projects are more collaborative, involving multiple assistants and sometimes, more than one editor. “For Hollywood [sharing] was a requirement. We felt if we didn’t deliver, we wouldn’t have success [in motion picture editing]. What we were hearing was that [the current version] was increasing the burden of work on the assistants.”..[read the full article]

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