NEXTO DI Video Storage Pro NVS2500

By Paul Joy

The NEXTO DI NVS 2500 is a stand alone backup / archiving system for digital media cards. At it’s heart lies a 500GB 2.5 inch drive which has been wrapped in card readers, a rechargeable battery, a colour display and a whole host of communication ports. It’s all packaged up in a compact rugged case that’s built to withstand the day – day rigours of a video professional.

What’s in the box
Upon opening the box your presented with the device itself along with an array of accessories comprised of AA Battery pack, Express card – P2 adapter, Rubber boots, 12v car adapter, Firewire 400 lead, Esata lead, USB lead, And a user manual.

The NVS2500 itself feels very sturdy in the hand, I think it’s made of a very strong plastic but I struggled to tell if it was plastic or metal. This rugged feel is aided by the included rubber boots which fit at each end of the unit. According to NEXTO the NVS2500 includes an internal free fall sensor and contains a non-elastic shock protection material, whatever that is? This all apparently helps prevent damage to the drive due to physical shock.

In terms of controls the device is incredibly simple, it has a toggle / joystick button and a power button – that’s it! Planted on the front is a 2.4 inch colour LCD which is recessed enough to stop it getting damaged too easily.

Along the top are two memory card input slots behind an annoyingly hard to open rubber weather seal. Once you manage to get past the seal you discover a compact flash slot and a 3 in 1 type slot that takes SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCPlus, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro – HG & Memory Stick Pro – MagicGate. read more and watch the video review

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