Nice Guide for Optimizing Adobe Premiere Pro

You can get better performance inside Adobe Premiere pro by changing settings and must-know tips. Thanks to Vlady Radev from 4K Shooters and Jordy Vandeput of, here is a break down on how to optimize Premiere Pro CC for the best possible video editing experience.

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For editors who are handling big projects, there are two key things to remember. Firstly, click the gear icon in the timeline and deselect Duplicate Frame Markers as enabling this is prone to stability issues. Secondly, consider separating your project into multiple Premiere projects, rather than storing your videos into one sequence. This will drastically improve the loading times when opening up your project. The last recommendation of Jordy Vandeput and the simplest of all is to keep your operating system clean. Delete any junk files from your computer and uninstall any apps that are unessential to your editing. If you need help figuring out what to delete, apps like WinDirStat (for Windows) and DaisyDisk (macOS) are great tools that provide you with a visual representation of how much space each file in your system is taking up. Furthermore, make sure you are installing third-party plug-ins into Premiere that are from reputable sources. Uncertified or novice plug-in manufacturers may not have fully optimized they products for use in Premiere. In addition, uninstall any plug-ins that you haven’t used or don’t plan on using for a long time. This will help speed up the start-up process when launching Premiere Pro CC
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