Nice Roundup of Mac based Live Video Streaming and Production Software

If you've got a Mac and are looking for software that will broadcast your live production, this is a well-rounded article to read. You'll learn about two of the main, most reputable live streaming software/platforms OBS Studio and Telestream's Wirecast, and you'll learn about an encoder alternative, Teradek encoders. Wirecast software and Teradek encoders are both available at Videoguys. Both are great, reliable options! Read on for details: DaCast Broadcasting Software for MacsFrom

...In this blog post, we’ll take a look at video streaming software options for Macs. Specifically, we’ll first examine how to make a decision about software. Then we’ll share applications that don’t work properly on Mac, and also discuss a few that are compatible. Finally, we’ll share a few hardware encoders that can work as alternatives to video broadcast software for live streaming.

Video Broadcast Software: How to Choose the Best Option for You

Choosing the right video broadcasting software depends on considering three main elements: price, features, and compatibility....[continue reading]

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