Northview Assembly of God Extends Outreach with TriCaster

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altNorthview Assembly of God Extends Outreach with Live Streaming

Multimedia has grown as a communications tool in the past 20 years. Savvy communicators around the globe now incorporate audio, video and the power of network-quality live production to more effectively inform audiences. Many houses of worship have readily adopted this trend. What began with use of websites and podcasts has now expanded to visual events with live music, dynamic graphics and more, broadcast or streamed across the globe.

At Northview Assembly of God in Columbus, Indiana, Youth leader and multimedia Minister Eric Burton has seen the use of technology increase at his facility

“We started pretty simply, with a projector to display lyrics and scripture. Then, I started editing videos for the services, and as capabilities grew and I become more comfortable, we got better audio/video equipment.”

“We had talked for a while about how cool it would be if we could broadcast services live and soon realized it would be easier to reach our targeted audience from our own website, Burton explained. “The congregation embraced the idea, and when a new sanctuary was built, they included a budget for proper live production equipment. Burton saw a NewTek TriCaster™ demo at the Assembly of God district convention, and quickly settled on using TriCaster as his principal tool for live production and streaming.

There was initial concern raised by some members that live streaming might affect weekly services, but Burton says the response quickly turned positive. read more...

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