Oliver Peters: What's new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

df3015_premierepro2015_workspace_editingOliver Peters is one of our favorite video editing bloggers / writers. His articles appear in DV Magazine and several others. In this latest article he takes a look at some of the best new features in Adobe Premeir Pro CC 2015. He goes into the improved colorgrading, interoperability between apps, editorial enhancements and new mobile to cloud to desktop workflows.
digitalfilms by Oliver Peters To reinforce the value of the Creative Cloud subscription, Adobe continues to improve its core video and design products, but is also expanding the implementation of mobile-to-desktop and cloud workflows. The Creative Cloud 2015 video products were previewed at NAB and released this summer. Mobile-to-desktop Incorporation of mobile products into the production pipeline has become an important theme for Adobe. For Premiere Pro CC users, this primarily involves two products: Premiere Clip and Adobe Hue CC. Premiere Clip is a lightweight video editor for smartphones. Shoot your video on your phone and start cutting. Now Premiere Pro allows you to import Premiere Clip projects so you can continue cutting there. Media assets and projects can be moved among systems via Creative Cloud Libraries, powered by Adobe CreativeSync. With a Creative Cloud subscription you can access your own library, as well as shared libraries created by other users. This release has a number of large and small upgrades that will make editors and compositors quite happy. I like the direction Adobe has taken. It just reiterates that the designers are working hard to integrate user input and build upon the professional momentum that Adobe has earned to date.. read more...

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