Optimizing performance in Premiere & After Effects

PVC by Rich Young

Adobe is offering a free webinar this Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM PT, Optimizing your system for peak performance with After Effects & Adobe Premiere Pro. Presented by Todd Kopriva (After Effects QA) and Steve Hoeg (Premiere Pro engineering manager), the session will cover how CPU, graphics cards, and RAM affect performance, as well as platform-specific considerations, including the new Mac Pro. It's a great time to consider basics or ask about nagging issues.

This is the first Adobe video on the subject for Creative Cloud, though there a large number of support documents on the topic, as well as videos from other recent versions. In early 2011, Adobe hosted a similar one-hour session on optimizing for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The same year, Todd Kopriva released his free After Effects & Premiere Pro Performance Workshop, videos on how to optimize your tools and system for maximum speed. Some of the details are superseded with new features but there's still much there for beginning and intermediate users, like Isolating what you're working on --->

CS6 brought a big new feature set, the Global Performance Cache (tutorial roundup), a group of technologies that include a global RAM cache, a persistent disk cache, and a new graphics pipeline. Sr. Product Manager Steve Forde shared the basics in How to Optimize After Effects CS6 for High Performance: read more...


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