Optimizing your Sling Studio WiFi

One of the most frequently asked questions concerning SlingStudio is how to create an optimal wireless connection. Luckily, SlingStudio recently released a great article detailing the best practices for optimal wireless video sources.

Check out some great tips from that article, below. 


If you are having trouble achieving the best range and video quality possible, the SlingStudio Dashboard features a ton of useful tools in the SlingStudio Console App.  

Reducing your Sources

Remember, reducing the number of wireless video sources connected to the hotspot can also improve the video quality and connectivity for the entire SlingStudio setup.  

SlingStudio Placement

Make sure your SlingStudio Hub is optimally placed, at six feet or higher.  This can go a long way toward eliminating physical obstacles interrupting your signal.  

Mobile Source Placement

One good rule of thumb is making sure that your smartphone sources, and camera links are all in sight of your hub.  These sources can travel up to three hundred feet away, but optimal connection will occur when there is a straight shoot between the sources and the hub, with no interruptions.  

Trouble Shooting Wireless Connectivity:

On the dashboard, users can see a "?" icon in the wireless source connectivity section, to reveal the wireless source connectivity assistant.  This is a helpful tool to set up and troubleshoot connection problems.  

Check out the full article from SlingStudio to Learn more. 

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