Pairing the SimpleTrack2 with the new Epiphan Pearl Nano for Lecture Capture

HuddleCamHD recently released a video showing how the new Epiphan Pearl Nano and the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 can be used for lecture capture. The new Pearl Nano is the perfect-fit streamer and recorder, and ideal for lecture capture. It can be easily integrated into learning management systems, such as Kaltura and Panopto. Pearl Nano offers the ultimate blend of portability and versatility with a refined yet robust feature set that includes ingestion, encoding, HDMI pass-through, and recording.

The SimplTrack2 simplifies your lecture capture or conference recording workflow. This auto-tracking PTZ camera is IP connected which provides for remote management and advanced features for seamless 24/7 operation. The SimplTrack2 can automatically follow a presenter from up to 55 feet away when installed in a classroom.

In HuddleCamHD's recent YouTube video below, you can see how combining the SimplTrack2 with the Pearl Nano is the ideal solution for lecture capture.


Check out the full video on YouTube here!

Learn more about HuddleCamHD here!

Learn more about Epiphan here!

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