Panasonic Announces New NDI PTZ Cameras & Switcher Coming This Fall

panasonic-ndi-ptz-cameraEven before NewTek NDI cameras become readily available for consumers, NewTek is collaborating with Panasonic to come out with their own NDI-enabled products. Using NewTek technology, Panasonic are coming out with a line of PTZ cameras that are NDI-enalbed and ready to be integrated with other products using NDI. Adding to their already impressive line of cameras, Panasonic is also releasing a switcher than can be integrated with any live production. If anyone with Panasonic PTZ cameras they purchased in the past they will also be able to be upgraded with the NDI technology. As many companies look into NDI technology, Panasonic seems to be embracing the trends in live streaming technology.

These camera models will join Panasonic’s market leading existing PTZ models (non “N” models), and will be available in both black and white colors. Plus, the new AW-HN38 enters the Panasonic professional PTZ line-up as a high-value, premium quality model with a powerful feature-set similar to the AW-HN/HE40, but with 20x Zoom, HDMI and built-in NDI IP connectivity.


The “N” model cameras will feature an NDI mode within the camera menu that reconfigures the camera settings for best performance and full compatibility on an NDI network. Simply connect from the network (NDI) connector to the network switch and the video source is immediately available on any NDI-capable software application or production system. Full control of a remote PTZ camera with full tally support is also immediately available and requires no additional menu configuration due to the tight collaboration between NewTek and Panasonic on NDI version 3. NDI perfects the “single” cable workflow with Panasonic, enabling video, audio, PTZ control, tally and power all over one cable.

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