Panasonic AW-HE38H chosen for Distance Learning at Pepperdine University

The Panasonic AW-HE38 has been chosen by Pepperdine University in Southern California to help with their distance learning. Covid-19 has certainly shaken up education, but remote learning isn't shutting them down for long. 

Pepperdine University has five location across Southern California. Like most schools across the country, they knew they had to prepare for a brand new semester. Specifically they needed something easy to use. Luckily their AV team was on point. 

“We have a very talented AV team, and we pride ourselves on staying one step ahead, with frequent improvements to classroom technology." - Jared Mukai Ph.D. (Manager of AV Technologies & Special Projects at Pepperdine. 

The virus has forced a lot of places to implement a more permanent remote setups. This is not only for teachers but students too. So equipment is thus in high demand across the nation. Mukai's team worked long and hard to figure out a solution and got what they needed ASAP. As a result, by this coming semester they were ready to install and implement what they purchased. 

Normally Pepperdine has a room refresh rate of 20%. So about 40 classes received new tech. But because of the virus, that needed to increase a lot. 

In total, 166 room have been updated. Specifically their undergraduate classes have all been equipped with the fantastic Panasonic 22x AW-HE38.

Recently, Videoguys went over the features of the AW-HE38 Camera with Panasonic's Greggor Jones! 

“Our goal for the fall semester is to provide a simple, flexible, turnkey solution to connect our students to one another and to their professors... “We will continue to look for ways to improve the teaching and learning experience for those students who are unable to attend classes in person.” - Mukai

We wish Pepperdine all the best, and agree that the AW-HE38 is a fantastic choice! 

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