Panasonic Connect Intros New and Enhanced Video Production Solutions at NAB 2024

Explore Panasonic's latest offerings showcased at NAB 2024, including the groundbreaking KAIROS Core 200 AT-KC200L1 mainframe and enhancements to the AV-HSW10 compact live switcher, aimed at revolutionizing video production efficiency and quality.

Panasonic Connect has set the stage for a new era in video production with its cutting-edge innovations unveiled at the highly anticipated NAB 2024 Show. From the groundbreaking KAIROS Core 200 AT-KC200L1 mainframe to the enhanced AV-HSW10 compact live switcher, Panasonic is redefining industry standards and empowering content creators with unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. KAIROS Core 200 AT-KC200L1 Mainframe:

    • Introducing smart routing functionality for enhanced video quality and productivity.
    • Standard support for SDI I/O, providing flexibility in video production.
    • Compatibility with second-generation KAIROS Core 200 functionalities, expanding capabilities.
    • Optional AT-KC20M1 SDI I/O Board for up to 32 inputs/16 outputs (FHD), offering versatility.
  2. Enhanced AV-HSW10 Compact Live Switcher:

    • Streamlined setup processes and improved operational efficiency for webinars and live events.
    • Firmware version 2.00 and free AV-SF10 software control panel for efficient one-person control and remote operation.
    • Support for various IP transmission standards, catering to modern video production needs.
    • Moving color bar feature for quicker setup times at live events with LED walls and large displays.
  3. AW-UE30 PTZ Camera:

    • Compact design with built-in auto tracking, ideal for education and business meetings.
    • Demonstrating Panasonic's commitment to providing innovative solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.
  4. AW-UE4 PTZ Camera:

    • Recently certified for use with Microsoft Teams, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.
    • Further expanding Panasonic's range of PTZ cameras for versatile video production applications.

As the curtain rises on NAB 2024, Panasonic Connect stands at the forefront of video production innovation. With groundbreaking solutions like the KAIROS Core 200 AT-KC200L1 mainframe and enhanced AV-HSW10 compact live switcher, Panasonic continues to redefine industry standards, empowering content creators to unleash their creativity and deliver exceptional results.

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