Panasonic Connect PTZ Camera AI Based Auto Tracking

Explore the innovative capabilities of PTZ cameras, revolutionizing the filming experience by providing seamless shots from challenging perspectives. With auto-tracking features, PTZ cameras alleviate the need for manual camera manipulation, allowing AV staff and operators to focus on content creation while maintaining professional-grade output.

Discover the convenience of Built-in auto-tracking, a complimentary and user-friendly system integrated into select PTZ camera models, such as AW-UE80W/K, UE50W/K, UE40W/K. This feature operates effortlessly on the camera's processing power, ensuring high-quality video capture.

For a more advanced and customizable auto-tracking solution, consider external software-based options. Utilizing the AW-SF100 or AW-SF200 Panasonic software, this system taps into the CPU and GPU power of your computer. Keep in mind that a software update may be necessary before implementation.

Experience the future of filming with PTZ cameras by watching the comprehensive video provided by Panasonic ProVideo Systems. Stay ahead in capturing dynamic and professional content effortlessly.

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