Panasonic Connect Showing New Lineup of AV Solutions at Infocomm

At InfoComm 2024, Panasonic Connect proudly unveils a suite of groundbreaking AV solutions designed to enhance experiences across various sectors. Their latest lineup promises to transform office collaborations, interactive classrooms, entertainment venues, museum exhibits, and worship services with dynamic, engaging, and streamlined content.

Introducing the Latest Innovations:

  1. PT-REQ15/REZ15 Series 1-Chip DLP® Projectors:

    • Delivering 4K quality with sophisticated, smooth, and dimensional images.
    • Features IP5X Dust Protection, backup input, and multi-laser drive for reliable performance in diverse environments.
  2. PT-RQ7 Series 1-Chip DLP® 4K Projectors:

    • Ideal for immersive projection mapping, wrapping entire rooms with vibrant, detailed visuals.
    • Compact design and "Museum Mode" for optimal color and contrast in corporate, educational, and museum settings.
  3. Silky Fine Mist:

    • Creates stunning artistic spaces using pressurized water and compressed air to generate a floating mist.
    • Enhances immersive exhibits with 3D light effects, exemplified by installations like TeamLab’s Massless Clouds at SUPERBLUE Miami.
  4. ET-FMP50 Series Media Processor:

    • Streamlines complex workflows for multi-projection attractions.
    • Features camera-based warping, blending adjustment, and 4K media playback.
    • Supports high-capacity storage and simplifies AVoIP transmission with efficient cable management.

Panasonic Connect’s new products address the growing need for enhanced entertainment, collaboration, and efficiency, ensuring that customers can create captivating and interactive experiences now and in the future.

Explore these innovations at InfoComm 2024 and elevate your AV solutions with Panasonic Connect’s latest technology.

Learn more about Panasonic Connect below:

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