Panasonic Kairos and PTZ Camera Innovation for 2024

In the dynamic landscape of AV technology, 2023 marked a transformative year for Panasonic Connect and its clientele. Responding to the evolving live event production industry, the company unveiled a diverse array of cutting-edge AV technology products, signaling a commitment to innovation and adaptability in the face of industry shifts. As we eagerly step into 2024, let's delve into Panasonic Connect's remarkable journey and explore how it continues to shape the future of AV technology.

Embracing Evolution in Live Event Production

In the ever-evolving realm of AV technology, Panasonic Connect stood out prominently at the National Association of Broadcasters show in April. The spotlight was on their PTZ camera systems, with the AW-UR100 4K outdoor professional PTZ camera taking center stage. This rugged marvel combines 4K/60FPS capability with a hermetically sealed exterior, ensuring resilience in extreme environments. Whether streaming live events in stadiums, broadcasting during weather extremes, or capturing footage from ocean vessels, the AW-UR100 delivers precision and versatility.

Another standout product was the AW-UE160W/K 4K PTZ camera, featuring advanced autofocus, image stabilization, and support for IP and wireless 5G transmission. These innovations underscore Panasonic Connect's commitment to meeting the demands of modern content delivery channels.

Software Updates and Connected Classroom Innovations

Panasonic Connect's commitment to excellence extended beyond hardware. The company introduced auto-tracking updates to select PTZ camera models, showcasing them in the Connected Classroom setup. This demonstration highlighted seamless integration with wireless microphone systems, reducing the operational burden on users. Additionally, software updates to the KAIROS touch panel control added functionalities, enhancing production switcher capabilities and enabling smoother scene selection and clip playback.

KAIROS Ecosystem Expansion

KAIROS stole the spotlight at NAB with the release of the AT-KC200, a new core mainframe in the KAIROS live video production ecosystem. Addressing the evolving needs of the live-streaming market, KAIROS offers expanded inputs and outputs, an up to 8K production canvas, improved video processing performance, and ample file storage capacity. KAIROS sets itself apart by simplifying workflows, consolidating functions typically requiring separate equipment, and supporting remote and distributed workflows.

Panasonic Connect's Global Reach

Panasonic Connect acknowledges the global shift towards live streaming, with the market projected to exceed $247 billion by 2027. Recognizing the diverse applications beyond entertainment, such as enterprise communication, education, and worship, Panasonic Connect's products are designed to meet the growing demand for high-quality content across various channels and destinations. KAIROS, with its advanced technology, addresses these demands by streamlining workflows and enhancing creative processes.

Embracing IP-Based Broadcasting

Panasonic Connect's UCU700 Camera Control Unit, launched in October 2023, exemplifies the company's dedication to supporting customers on their journey to IP-based broadcasting. Offering 4K and HDR capability, the UCU700 bridges the gap between legacy and new IP-based AV technology workflows. Its support for various IP transmission standards, including Dante network audio-over-Ethernet, showcases Panasonic Connect's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Envisioning the Future with Immersive AV Experiences

As we look ahead to 2024, Panasonic Connect remains at the forefront of immersive AV experiences. From projection mapping technology to laser projectors like the PT-FRQ60, the company continues to redefine the boundaries of AV technology. By providing custom solutions for diverse applications, Panasonic Connect aims to inspire audiences with vivid and impactful experiences.

Conclusion: A Collaborative Journey Toward Exceptional Experiences

Panasonic Connect extends gratitude to its partners for a magical 2023 and invites everyone to envision the possibilities that 2024 holds. As a holistic solution provider in live entertainment, Panasonic Connect looks forward to another year of innovation, collaboration, and the creation of extraordinary AV experiences. Join us on this exciting journey into the future of AV technology!

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