Panasonic Pro PTZ Cameras are a perfect solution when failure is NOT an option. The optics, mechanics and connectivity set these cameras apart. Today, host, Gary Bettan, is joined by Gregger Jones from Panasonic to discuss these excellent cameras.

Panasonic PTZ Cameras

Panasonic PTZ cameras are perfect for entertainment, corporate, sports, education and house of worship streams.  The robotics and movement capabilities of these cameras are smooth, fast and silent.  In addition, the wide variety of cameras mean there is a tool for every environment.  They are also entirely NDI compatible, with a line of NDI cameras and a line of hardwired SDI or HDMI cameras which can upgrade to NDI. 

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Panasonic AW-UE4

The Panasonic AW-UE4 is a 4K virtual PTZ Camera.  While this device doesn't feature the mechanics and robotics of a traditional PTZ camera, it does achieve the same end virtually.  This camera creates a 4K image, and then allows you to crop a smaller image simultaneously in 1080p.  This allows you to move about the image virtually, without taking a major step down in quality.  

Learn more about the AW-UE4 HERE.

Panasonic Camcorders

Panasonic offers two 4K NDI capable camcorders: the AG-CX10 and the AG-CX350.  While the CX10 is a small form factor, it creates a high quality image and allows for a complete NDI upgrade.  This is also true of the AG-CX350, which comes packed with a ton of excellent features in a larger light weight package. 

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Panasonic CX350 NDI Camcorder