Panasonic Product Roundup at Videoguys (01/28/20)

Full Webinar

Gary talks today about the Panasonic products Videoguys offers. Panasonic is taking your live video productions to new heights, our comprehensive remote camera lineup is designed and built to meet the high-demands of your bold creative vision.

PTZ Cameras

Pro PTZ Cameras
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Panasonic Accessories

NDI|HX Camcorders

They also made the very first NDI Camcorder with the AG-CX350. This camera is used in the Videoguys Studio, and is simple to hook up with HDMI, SDI, and even NDI with a simple upgrade.

AG-CX350 Specs

But they're not done. Recently revealed was the AG-CX10! Thus Videoguys cannot wait to get their hands on this puppy and see what can be done.

Learn more about Panasonic here!

Watch the full webinar here!

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