The PC Man Reviews: MAGIX Vegas Pro 14

In this extensive review, The PC Man Reviews' contributing writer Matt delves back into the creation of Vegas Pro, spanning back through their history and seeing how various owners have molded the product to what it is today. With Matt's prior use of Vegas Pro products, he goes on to give a complete breakdown of the new MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 for a better understanding to those who have been using different versions.

Vegas Pro has been with us for many years and has seen a lot of changes as well as three owners. Through its various incarnations, the program has been refined and improved but have new owners brought anything to the table to shake things up and is this a good thing for users?

Vegas Pro is probably the favoured choice by YouTubers despite the fact that there are more consumer-friendly versions of the software available which is incredible considering the daunting amount of options and settings that a first time user would have to understand before they could produce anything.

My overall impressions of MAGIX Vegas 14 and thinking about it compared to other versions and in the hands of new owners, is that this is still a great tool for creating and editing videos. It has improved on the previous version in some notable ways but the biggest thing to take away is this. MAGIX listen to their customers and make changes that benefit us and I for one like that a lot...[read the full article here]

This article is a great read for anyone looking to branch out and learn about an editing software they might not be using. Even more so for the editor who has used any of the various Vegas Pro editions in the past. And right now it's even easier to get with 40% Off MAGIX Vegas Pro Software. Save on Vegas Pro 14 Edit, Vegas Pro 14 and Vegas Pro 14 Suite now and for a limited time.

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