PC World First PCI Express Graphics Cards Arrive

Cards based on the new bus perform well, but early tests offer no clear reason to upgrade just yet. PCI Expres Cards Lovers of high-end PC graphics rejoiced at news of the recent launch of desktops with PCI Express-based chip sets that promise dramatically faster graphics throughput than today's AGP 8X standard. But a preliminary look at two of the first PCI Express cards suggests that the spec will have more impact on future graphics headroom than on immediate performance gains. In fact, our tests showed practically no performance difference between graphics cards using the AGP 8X interface and those using PCI Express. Though PCI Express 16X supports concurrent transfers of up to 4 gigabytes per second compared with AGP 8X's 2.1 GBps of shared bandwidth, even today's most graphics-intensive PC games have yet to turn the AGP conduit into a bottleneck. Videoguys Note: While it's clearly very early in the PCI Express game, we are confident that future versions of NLE applications will tap into this added power and performance. For video editors, PCI bottlenecks are always a concern. Down the road we'll be working with HD footage which will require more bandwidth to process and edit . As the PCI Express bus gets more widely used, NLE apps will become even more powerful and able to handle HD- without additional proprietary hardware! Read the full article

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