Color Match BirdDog's PF120 Box Camera & P100 PTZ Camera


Adam gives a tutorial at how to color match your BirdDog cameras. In today's example, he is using the all new BirdDog PF120 Box Camera with the P100 PTZ Camera.

To access BirdDog's Color Tools, you must enter their online UI. To access the UI, you need 2 things:

  • The Camera's IP Address (Default:
  • You Computer & Camera MUST be on the same network

Once this is done, you can head into the UI.

First play with the exposure of your shot. Check the shutter speed. The shutter speed should always be DOUBLE your frame rate. Also know that the higher the gain, the more digital noise your image will have.

Noise reduction can help if you are in a low light situation and you need to crank up the gain. However, this process softens the image. You can then use BirdDog's sharpening too to add some detail back.

White Balance is also important. BrdDog has an assortment of presents for quick situations, but manual is usually best. A good way to quickly set your white balance is simply holding a plain white piece of paper in front of the camera, and coloring to that.

Once these are done, head into BirdDog's Color Matrix for fine tuning. Fine tuning should always be done last to get the best possible results from the camera. BirdDog really knocks it out of the park with the amount of options they have to make your image the best it can possibly be. And their Sony sensor gives you nice and vivid images to bring your story the the next level.

Learn more about BirdDog here!

Watch the full tutorial here!

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