Philip Hodgetts: My impressions of Final Cut Pro X

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I was fortunate to beta test Final Cut Pro 1 back in early 1999; my company had the second training tool for Final Cut Pro a few months later with the DV Companion; I’ve been writing about editing paradigms and new workflows/new professionals for some time. I was on record as wanting Apple to do the “Apple thing” for Final Cut Pro and pursue some new paradigms for editing. And for the last year, I’ve spend way too much of my time working out what Apple were doing with Final Cut Pro X and what technologies it would use.

So, when Apple invited me for a private preview last week – just a week before Final Cut Pro X’s release – I jumped at the opportunity. Apple additionally have loaned me an i7 17? MacBook Pro for my testing pleasure.

So, what do I think?

My overall impression is overwhelmingly positive. Right up front I’ll say that this first release doesn’t support every workflow that every professional editor might need, but for the vast majority of people who don’t have specialist workflow needs, this is an amazing piece of software. I’d much rather focus on what is in the application than the few features that are missing for the moment. read more...

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