Picking the best Laptop for Gaming and Video Editing

Here is a great article from Laptopmag.com, this article is helpful for anyone looking for a computer that can both run PC games on their highest settings in 4k and also edit in 4k. This article will help you with what specs you should be looking out for when buying a new laptop. From what graphic card, and how much storage to get this article with help you make decide which laptop to purchase. From Laptopmag.com Your laptop should be able to handle everything you throw at it. After all, who wants to buy a whole bunch of devices? So to reader asusdeluxedual, who wrote in asking about a laptop they could use for both 4K video editing and their gaming hobby, I say, get you a laptop who can do both. Our reader's desired price is around $2,000, and they want recommendations and spec help. So let's dig in. I don't usually start with a screen as an important feature, but in this case, the display is critical. Many gamers, myself included, would opt for a 1080p display in a gaming notebook. Few games can run at the best settings in 4K, even with a powerful GPU like the GTX 1080, and some of those displays have faster refresh rates, going up to 144Hz. But in this case, asusdeluxedual needs a 4K screen. Sure, you can edit 4K video on a 1080p screen, but you'll want to watch it in full resolution. So, a 4K display it is...read more

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