Picking the Right Streaming Software for Wowza

Wowza ClearCaster is a tremendous streaming appliance, which allows for streaming to multiple CDN's and advanced monitoring capabilities.

Wowza recently posted a great article on the streaming software that can be paired with your ClearCaster to achieve maximum success.  This includes OBS, vMix, and Wirecast- to name a few. 

If anything, the large amount of options for compatible streaming solutions for ClearCaster is a little overwhelming- how do you make the choice?  Well, that comes down typically to available features. 

 Wowza's article also goes into which software is best for which workflow.  For example, for streams of one person, the mixing capability won't be as important as a stream with multiple hosts or subjects.  

Check out Wowza's full article HERE to learn more. 

Learn more about Wowza HERE.

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