Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Ultimate

DMN By Heath McKnight Studio 11 Ultimate Pinnacle`s Studio MovieBox Ultimate is the perfect hardware and software combination for Windows users looking to get a lot of bang for their buck. The hardware/software solution combines a capture box, non-linear editor (NLE), web video encoder, and DVD creator. Editing with Studio 11 is a breeze, plus there`s a green screen to do chroma key work, all for only $149.99. All I can say is, where was this when I was 13 and starting to make movies?! What`s Included Pinnacle has made sure that all the bells and whistles are included in the MovieBox Ultimate:
  • 710-USB Video Capture Hardware, which connects to your PC via USB 2.0. The input ports include analog S-Video and Composite (also known as RCA or A/V) and one digital FireWire or i.Link IEEE 1394 port for digital capture.
  • Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate NLE software, which will help you bring your masterpiece together. You can cut in HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition) video, then burn a DVD or send it to the web on sites such as YouTube.
  • BIAS` SoundSoap (for Pinnacle), which is a great software tool to help get rid of unwanted noise from your audio.
  • ProDAD VitaScene, which is a set of transitions and image effects to get a certain look you want for your video.
  • StageTools, which allows you to create some pans and zooms, Ken Burns-style (actually, that`s the name of the plug-in found in Apple`s iMovie ).
  • Plus, the Green Screen for chroma keying. Shoot your talent against the properly lit green screen, and you`ll be able to "put" them anywhere in the world. Or maybe outside.

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