Pioneer DVR-A08s are shipping!

We just got word from Pioneer that the new DVR-A08 drives are on the way to us. We should have them here on Friday or Monday. DVR-A08XL w/ 3-pack 4x DigitalMovie disks $179.95 16x high-speed recording to DVD-R or +R (the world's fastest) The DVR-A08 realizes high-speed recording of up to 16x write speed on DVD-R and +R discs by employing Pioneer's original technology that sets the optimum write strategy for each of used discs. As a result you can achieve 16x burning on Pioneer-recommended 8x media!! This same technology enables 4x write on Pioneer-recommended 2.4x DVD+R DL media. The DVR-A08 is available with beige, black or silver bezil to complement the contemporary design of new PCs and offers a wide range of technologies to produce a fast yet quiet DVD writer. Improved writing speeds can generate higher noise levels due to the increased velocity of disc rotation and consumer research indicates that the background ambient noise of DVD drives is becoming more noticeable. DVR-A08 Mega Bundle DVRA08 MegaBundle $199.95! Includes DVR-A08 Burner and the Verbatim Double Layer Solution Kit (1 DVD+R DL 2.4X, 8 DVD+R 8X, 1 DVD+RW 4X) For more info and to order

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