Podcasting with Kevin Le

SlingStudio's blog frequently features users taking full advantage over the SlingStudio Production System. One of these creator's is Kevin Le, who has implemented SlingStudio into his podcasting workflow.

Kevin Le uses SlingStudio to to elevate the quality of his video podcast, produced in Southern California. Le sat down with SlingStudio to discuss his workflow.

SlingStudio: What does your average workload look like? Does anyone help with your productions?

Kevin Le is a full time one person production team, working 1-7 productions a year. The amount of work is enormous- but an all in one production system like the SlingStudio can be a helpful, and almost essential device for somebody in his position.

How do you get your gigs? What type of jobs do you take? What pays best versus what do you like to shoot the most?

This is a common question for most independent content creators. According to Kevin Le, most of his work is generated by word of mouth!

The podcasts have been great because they’ve brought in steady income and they’re something I have a proven, speedy process for. I get commercial projects, too, and those are great, but being that I’m a solo operator, I limit the amount of projects I take on to ensure my clients get the best of me.

Kevin Le

What trends do you see in your line of work? Is there something lots of clients want to do?

While Podcasts have been around for years, it is only recently that they have come to the mainstream in full force. Therefore, brands are starting to realize the large potential that podcasts bring.

Podcasts give brands a face, a personality, a purpose. Whether you’re a large brand or a personal brand on social media, telling stories is a great way to connect with your audience. Now… make it into a video where you can recycle it into micro-content, and you have yourself a winner!

Kevin Le

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