Pre-Order the Matrox Thunderbolt Adapter with Any Matrox MXO2 Desktop or Laptop Kit and Save $100

Save $100 off the Matrox Thunderbolt Adapter when you add it as a pre-order to any Matrox MXO2 product with Desktop PCIe or Laptop Express Card ordered today! Here's How it works:

1) Order the Matrox MXO2 Mini, MXO2 LE, MXO2 or MXO2Rack or any of the above with MAX technology in either the desktop (with PCIe) or Laptop (ExpressCard) Kits

2) Add the Matrox Thunderbolt Adapter to the same order as a second adapter for the Matrox MXO2 box

3) Enter coupon code MATTHUNDER at checkout or call us at 800-323-2325

Your MXO2 will be billed and shipped now and your pre-ordered Thunderbolt Adapter will be billed at $199 ($299 - $100 coupon) when they are in stock and ready to ship.

Pre-order MATTHUNDER coupon valid now through the release date of the Matrox Thunderbolt Adapter only. Adapter and MXO2 purchase MUST be on the same order to qualify.

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