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Final Cut Pro X Berlin User Group by Bruce The Yak

When FCPX came out a lot of people were horrified. Some people stayed on the fence. Some switched to Avid, and a surprising large amount switched to Premiere Pro. Some brave souls even moved over to FCP X, despite the bad rap the program got and still has. As most of us know, every thing snowballed on line, in a very virtual, online kind of way.

Taking a step back in time... Anybody who has been following the development of Editing systems for a while now, will know that Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro Classic have the same Master Mind behind them, a man called Randy Ubillos. In short if you are coming from Final Cut Pro and going to Premiere Pro the transition should be pretty straight forward. The programs have the same mind set so to speak and it is only when you get down to the details that you will run into minor, if some what annoying differences or "False Friends."

This is nothing new but it seems to be a good place to start. In the first video in this post we learn how to move a sequence from Final Cut Pro to Premiere using XML. This was a very smart move on Adobes part as a lot of loyal Final Editors were horrified that at least, initially there was no way to transition their projects from FCP 7 to FCP X. Be sure to check the online documentation for limitations before porting projects from FCP7 to Adobe. Inevitably some details will get scrambled.

Here is a gentleman who seems to be very happy to have made the switch. Note the the set up he is using which is certainly far removed form an Air Book. He has two basic points, blistering speed and keyframing. There has been a lot of discusion online about the speed of Premiere and Final Cut 7 and X. There is little point in comparing Apples with Oranges and Bananas, as many people are doing online. Like what exactly is a level playing field anyway? At the very latest, you will probably have to render on export from Premiere Pro. You might be surprised how long this takes. Frankly here at Final Bug we think that this is missing the point somewhat. read more...

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