Premiere Pro Tutorial: Using Premiere's Native Effects to Pull the Perfect Key Every Time

nofilmschool by Robert Hardy

We all know how important lighting is in the process of shooting a subject against a green screen. However, having the ability to pull a solid key from any footage (whether it’s well lit or not) is perhaps one of the most important skills for somebody to have in the world of post-production. This is especially important considering that many low-budget editors are now becoming the one man bands of the post-production process. Luckily, programs like Premiere Pro include a plethora of effects that can be used to pull a fantastic key every single time, and without the need to leave your NLE.

As is the case with many of the best Premiere Pro tutorials, these next two videos come from the fantastic CreativeCOW tutorial series, Premiere Pro Basics (CS6 and Above) which was created by Andrew Devis. These videos were created with an older version of Premiere, but all of the effects and techniques will likely be applicable for many years to come.

Here are two videos from that series, which cover some of the best methods for pulling a fantastic key using only the native Premiere effects. And if learning to pull a key isn’t motivation enough, you should at least watch it to see a fluffy blue puppet get shot in the face. read more...

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