Premium Beats Top 10 Video Editing Articles

Video-Editing-Articles2-865x505The guys over at Premium Beat have done it again. Another great article that rounds up their 10 must read video editing articles from all around the web. These articles are great for video editors from newbies to seasoned vets and apply to all NLEs including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, FCPX and more.
Premium Beat by Jonathan Paul

Keeping an eye on the industry and staying refreshed is a great way to improve your video editing game. These must-read video editing articles have something helpful for pros and amateurs alike.

Film and video professionals should constantly be devouring movies, commercials, music videos, books, and articles. They should be looking ahead at trends in the medium and looking back at where the medium has been. Media consumption is an important aspect of maintaining a flow of inspiration for your own work. With that in mind, here’s a collection of ten must-read articles for our readers living the video editing life.

  1. Designing Lower Thirds Like a Pro
  2. Professional Video Editing Tips and Techniques
  3. Common Mistakes That Amateur Editors Make
  4. Video Editing Tricks to Increase Your Editing Speed
  5. 10 Video Editing Tips From TED
  6. Editing Techniques to Make Scenes More Dramatic
  7. Editors Who Broke the System
  8. Video Editing Organization
  9. Improving Your Editing Techniques
  10. Steps to Becoming a Hollywood Editor

Read the complete article with more details over at Premium Beat:

10 Must-Read Video Editing Articles

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