Pro Tips for Upgrading Your NLE System Instead of Buying New

Here is a great resource from writer Danny Santos outlining the strategies a music composer for the entertainment industry took when he decided to upgrade his 2007 Mac Pro instead of buying a new one. Find out how upgrading your NLE system can save money and extend the life of your technology while improving it's performance.

Why It’s Better To Upgrade Your NLE System vs. Buying New

November 12, 2015 By Danny Santos One of the biggest headaches for anyone who works in a creative field that uses high-powered computer systems, such as working on demanding NLE’s or animation programs, is how quickly the technology changes. Unfortunately, as anyone who works in a creative field knows, it’s almost impossible to keep up with those changes. Dennis Radeke is a music composer for the entertainment industry, and was faced with the fact that his 2007 Mac Pro was – well – old. Usually at this point, it’s time to buy a new computer altogether, but Radeke decided to take a look at his computer.
“I did some of my own performance testing and considered the newest systems; but after looking at my options, I felt that with the right upgrades I could meet or even surpass the performance of a new computer and save money. It was pretty obvious that there was still a lot of creative work the two of us could do with the right enhancements.” – Dennis Radeke
His Mac Pro had already gone through several enhancements by purchasing RAM from OWC (Other World Computing) of four-1GB, two-2GB, as well as two-512MB units. The computer had stopwatch boot time of 52.75s, 50.68; 5GB drive performance of 68.4/61.0MB/s; drive read of 69.2/60.1MB/s; CineBench CPU score – 566cb; and opening of “Groove Song” with Logic already open – 21.95 seconds. Click here to read the full article and learn more about upgrading
For more help on deciding whether or not you need a new machine check out the Videoguys System Recommendations Page and our most recent DIY article.

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