Produce Flawless Live Events with NewTek TriCaster 2 Elite and NDI with Ease

Samantha is only 30 years old and she has her own business, Solis Digital, and is one of the most sought after TriCaster operators in the U.S. IP-based digital production gear is all she's ever known. And the reason behind her success? NewTek TriCasters.

"Using a TriCaster, I'm always assured of having a great show" -Samantha

There is a new, fast-rising generation of broadcast professionals who are using TriCasters. Although Samantha has less than a decade of experience in the production business, she has worked with a variety of TriCaster models. Samantha's favorite TriCaster model so far is the TriCaster 2 Elite from NewTek.

The TriCaster 2 Elite is NewTek's top-of-the-line video production platform, packed with innovative features that offer users groundbreaking functionalities and uncompromising flexibility.

The release of the 2 Elite enabled Solis Digital to adapt to the new production world effortlessly and continue producing quality live event programs for her clients, despite the obstacles imposed by COVID. Due to her expertise with TriCasters and NDI, Samantha kept busy throughout the pandemic.

In addition to Live Call Connect, Samantha says her favorite 2 Elite feature is NDI Bridge - an innovative new feature that allows the TriCaster to share NDI sources between remote sites anywhere using a simple, secure network set-up.

"It allows me to peak into other studios anywhere, and I can send video and audio back and forth without having to use expensive gear." -Samantha

On large live corporate shoots, it’s a delight for her to show people who have worked in the video world for decades how easy and efficient it has become with our technology.

Samantha sat down for an interview, where she discusses the versatility of modern production, her company Solis Digital, and why she works exclusively with TriCasters. Watch the interview below:

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