ProductionHUB: Q&A with Gary Bettan from Videoguys

ProductionHUB Interview Q: What are the latest trends you're seeing in production and post production? A: The biggest trend in Post Production is the decision that many Apple Final Cut Pro editors are faced with, now that FCPX is available. We are spending a lot of time talking to our customers about the many options available to them. Adobe and Avid are both offering special "switcher" or "crossgrade" promotions with discounts at 50% or more. We've seen great interest from all levels of customer's especially post houses and professional editors who are very concerned, frustrated and feeling abandoned by Apple. Q: Care to comment on the new version of Final Cut Pro X? A: First let me say that I think FCPX is loaded with cool technology and features. Personally I like the Magnetic Timeline, Range-based Keywords and the audition tool. Native 64-bit code allows you to edit most HD footage natively. But it comes with a big catch. So many features are missing that Professional Post requires: 3rd party hardware support, multicam, plug-in support and most importantly the ability to import your existing FCP projects. For more details on FCPX, our take and what options FCP editors have, Check out this article on our website.
Q: What's new and cool at Videoguys this summer? A: The leading trend in the industry is the upgrade of Final Cut Pro. I guess it's obvious that the newest and coolest promotions we have this summer address that need. Adobe is offering 50% off Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 or Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium bringing them down to $399 or $849, respectively, now through September 30th. Avid is offering an even bigger discount bringing Media Composer 5.5 down to $995 for qualified FCP owners - also through September 30th. We've also seen many ex-Avid editors come back to Media Composer by taking advantage of our $575 promotional upgrade price. Both of these offers also include the newly updated Avid Production Suite of third-party plug-ins which has a value of more than $3,800 itself! There has never been an opportunity to purchase either of these software bundles for less than $1,000. In fact, if you haven't made a decision yet, or if you simply don't want to choose, you can get both the Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium and Avid Media Composer 5.5 in a Videoguys' Money-Saving MEGA Bundle for just $1,744.00! That leaves plenty of room to add FCPX and have all the leading titles for about $2,000. The Avid and Adobe crossgrade programs have been so successful that other companies are joining in as well. Matrox is offering cross-grade discounts up to $500 on their MXO2 MAX family of I/O devices and Sony is also offering a Vegas Pro 10 crossgrade or upgrade for just $299.
I've been blogging all the latest and greatest FCPX reviews, articles, comments and video, you can find them all by using our keyword FCPX tag. We've also improved the home page navigation on, adding a navigation section that will allow customers to find the products they are looking for faster. In addition we have also started using Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to communicate with our already existing customers and potential customers. Q: What recommendations do you have for end-users setting up workstations? A: You can visit our website for detailed information about setting up workstations. We have just updated our NLE System recommendations and our DIY Build Your Own NLE workstation articles. We have also just published our first ever list of recommended Laptops for NLE. You can find links to all of these articles in the tech support section of our website.
Q: Can you preview any exciting technologies that are coming this fall? A: The technology that has me most excited is Thunderbolt. It's the new Hi-Speed computer connection launched by Apple & Intel that is now found on all the latest iMacs, Mac Book Pros and even the Mac Mini. You're going to see Thunderbolt based I/O solutions form Matrox, AJA, BMD and others. You'll also be able to attach super fast RAID storage directly via Thunderbolt, no need for a RAID controller card costing a thousand dollars or more! Q: Looking back, how did Videoguys become one of the largest resellers of professional production products? Can you share a brief history of your success? A: The main reason we have been so successful is because this is all we do - we sell video editing and production gear and we've been doing it for over 25 years! We use the gear we sell and we understand how it works and what you need to do to optimize your computer for it. We have outstanding pre-sales support and offer free tech support to our customers on everything they buy. We also have very strong relationships with our vendors, and that allows us to get a deeper understanding of their products and their product roadmaps. We talk to our customers and we listen to their needs, and we share that information with our vendors, which helps them create better products for everyone! read more...

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