Production Notes: FCPUG SuperMeet 2010 Revisited

DV by Stefan Sargent


By Stefan Sargent

The Final Cut Pro User’s Group ninth annual Las Vegas summut is tonight at the Rio Hotel and Casio. Great. But where’s the Rio? It’s way off the LV Strip, which is a drag. There are free shuttle buses from Caesar’s Palace and a few other strip hotels but nothing from the NAB Show at the Convention Center, which is where I am.

Problem solved: I take a $20 taxi ride with a friend. Ten bucks each vs. waiting for two free buses. A no-brainer.

Enter the Rio. Where’s the SuperMeet?

There’s a huge banner saying "Lingerie Show." Well it’s obviously not there. We disappear into the depths of the Rio.

SuperMeet? SuperMeet?

“Back down the hallway.”

Nope, only the Lingerie Show entrance. Go outside. My friend thinks it might be a different building. We ask around.

I’ve got to tell you, the Lingerie Show looks amazing. Too bad it’s just closed. It’s huge – stand after stand with seductive clothing and complementary toys. The long walk to the SuperMeet site is festooned with life-sized posters of models wearing, well almost wearing, sheer lingerie — some outfits are so sheer that only the seams are visible.

Finally, we get to the SuperMeet location and the event begins: read more...

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