Production Studio Declares Adobe Creative Cloud "Reality Ready"

Here pros talk about using Adobe Creative Cloud software to make their end product look like bigger budget productions, figuring out studio workflow amidst changes and software evolution, and how to navigate demanding unscripted editing projects.

Joke Productions Cuts New Series with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Creative Cloud blog by Janet Mozaffari Joke Productions, founded by the husband and wife team of Biagio Messina and Joke Fincioen, creates and executive produces unscripted TV shows, documentary series, and reality television for major networks. Like many people in this industry, they started working in a one bedroom apartment. Today, they operate a 7,000 square foot studio located in Hollywood, California near Universal Studios. After working with Final Cut Pro 7 for years, the company switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit its new Oxygen series, Snapped: She Made Me Do It. Joke Productions workflow is now 100% Adobe Creative Cloud and the team has declared Premiere Pro CC “reality ready.” 04 J&BSign< Adobe: Tell us about Snapped: She Made Me Do It. Messina: Snapped: She Made Me Do It is our latest crime re-creation series airing on Oxygen. Joke had the idea for the show early one morning while driving to LAX. We immediately cut a sizzle tape that described the show: crimes committed by people who fell into a female mastermind’s web. Fincioen: A few days later we were on our way to Real Screen, a large unscripted TV convention, where we pitched the show to the female networks and crime networks. There was a lot of interest and our agents ultimately agreed to make the deal with Oxygen. The process from that point took two-and-a-half years, but resulted in the series premiering on Oxygen on September 9, 2015. Snapped Adobe: What is your editing background? Messina: I’ve been editing for nearly 20 years, and I’m the lead and sometimes only editor on all of our TV pilots and pitch tapes. I also do everything from lead editing to polishing on our TV series. Fincioen: I’ve always ... [continue reading]
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